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Joel Osborne


Posted Wednesday, November 13th 2019

Well-rested Flyers return to action on Friday

Bristol Flyers return to BBL Cup action on Friday with Andreas Kapoulas' side having made the most of their two-week break in the schedule.

The Flyers face Southern Conference leaders London City Royals in front of a sold out crowd at the SGS College Arena, with both teams battling for final positioning having already qualified for the Cup quarter-finals. 

Speaking on his side’s break in the schedule, the Flyers head coach said: "It’s been a good time for review and we’ve had a bit of time to get plenty of shots up and make sure our guys are healthy for what’s ahead.

"It’s a really good check point for our team to see where we are and see what needs improving ahead of league play.

"London City Royals are a well-coached team and it was a difficult game when we went to play at their place earlier in the season.


"Andrew Lawrence is a very good player who can score the ball and create for others - he’s a tough matchup for our team - but we just need to make it difficult for him and not give him any rhythm shots - which is easier said than done.

"We will have to defend as a unit and lock in to individuals and their tendencies. The bottom line is that we need to play team basketball on both ends of the court.”

Friday’s game against London City Royals will be available to watch LIVE and FREE via the official YouTube channel of the BBL.