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Video: Streete reflects on professional basketball career

Greg Streete spoke to Bristol Flyers TV in an exclusive first interview since announcing his decision to step away from his professional basketball career.

The Flyers captain, who has given over a decade of dedicated service to the club, has decided not to return for his 13th season in favour of spending more time with his family.

“It just feels like the time is right,” he told Bristol Flyers TV.

“I’ve dedicated myself to the team for so long and I feel like I’ve missed on on certain things with my family.”

“I agreed that I would take some time off and then I’d be able to make my decision at the end of next season if I wanted to return or not."

A product of the Flyers’ youth academy at SGS College, Streete became captain of the club in 2009, before leading Bristol to the NBL National Cup in 2010 and the Division One title in 2011.

“When I look back on my career, I do nothing but smile,” he admitted.

“I’ve had some amazing times and I’ve played with some amazing players that I never thought I’d play against - I could probably pick a highlight for each year!

“I’m really proud to say that I’m a Flyer and I hope that anyone else that comes into the team can see how special it is and know that it’s a great team to play for.”