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Joel Osborne


Posted Friday, October 25th 2019

Thomas-Edwards settling into life in the top flight

Summer signing Raphell Thomas-Edwards already feels at home in Bristol after a strong start to his BBL career.

The British forward posted an 18 point, 10 rebounds double-double against the Lions last week and is already on the way to making himself a fan favourite at the SGS College Arena.

Speaking on his BBL experience so far, Thomas-Edwards said: "We started a bit later than most teams - we came from pre-season a bit behind everyone else but I feel like we’re figuring it out.

“There's definitely bigger players in the BBL - it’s a lot faster and more technical, but I feel like I’m being in the right place at the right time.

"We’re putting in a lot of work as a team and Coach Kapoulas has been great in terms of watching the film - I’m trying my best to do similar things that I was doing in Division One.”
The Flyers face a run of three straight games away from home in the BBL Cup, which starts on Sunday against Plymouth Raiders away from home.

"We won't have the fans to support us so we need to make sure we stay close knit as group,” he added.

"They’ll be ready to come back stronger after we beat them a couple of weeks ago and they have a couple of main players that we need to focus on.

"We need to stay composed, execute and make sure we have 40 minutes of play. I'm sure they’ll be ready for us - we just need to make sure we stay together on both ends of the court."

Under 15 tickets remaining for the Flyers' meeting with London City Royals at the SGS College Arena on Friday, November 15th.