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Joel Osborne


Posted Sunday, September 16th 2018

Streete proud of testimonial evening

Greg Streete looked back on his time as a Bristol Flyers player with enormous satisfaction which was brought a close by a memorable evening for his testimonial.

The former captain rounded off his 12 years at the club in style as Flyers players past and present were reunited on the court on Saturday evening in recognition of Streete’s outstanding contribution to the club.

The night itself included many moments to savour for Streete, not least when Andreas Kapoulas announced that the club would officially retire the number 11 jersey.

“It was so special. That was the icing on the cake,” Streete told Bristol Flyers TV.

"It’s something that you always dream about as a player - being so valuable to the club that they’d never let anyone else wear your number.

"I’ll now be remembered forever and I thank Andreas and the Flyers organisation for giving me this prestige honour.”

Having played the first half for the blue team, Streete re-entered the action in the second half for the red team - going on to calmly net the game-winning free throws in the final minute of the game.

"Playing the game was the probably last thing on my mind if I’m honest,” he joked.

"I was missing shots, but it didn’t matter because I was with the people that I care about most. I couldn’t ask for anything better.

"I just wanted everyone to go out there and fun and to be honest I didn’t stop smiling for the entire game.

“Just seeing everyone together was an amazing moment for me. Andreas put the video up of all the ex-players that I’ve played with and it really touched my heart. When he began talking I started welling up a little bit and it really got to me.

"I was able to interact with the crowd and tell them how important they’ve been to me throughout my whole career.

"That’s everything that I needed to finish my playing career."