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Erin Hunter


Posted Monday, January 8th 2018

Report: Reading Rockets 82-71 Bristol Flyers

Bristol Flyers Women had a disappointing start to the second half of the season with a loss away from home to the Reading Rockets.

Despite 17 points apiece from Lisa Juul and Fiona Fox, Flyers Women were unable to get 2018 off to a winning start.


The tip was secured by the Flyers and turned into a quick two points on a fast break. The Rockets hit back with a quick couple of baskets. The Flyers kept in step with the Rockets thanks to a three pointer from Lisa Juul.

It looked like the teams were in for a tough game as the Rockets came with the sole intention of winning and the Flyers were ready to battle for the match. Both teams kept up with one another with Rockets leading by only two points at the end of the first quarter

The second quarter proved similar with both teams staying within reach of one another. Shooting from Juul from the three point line, and Fiona Fox from inside kept the Flyers in the game, both leading scorers with seventeen points for the game. However, turnovers coming from sloppy passes from the Flyers and defensive rebounds from the Rockets kept Reading just ahead.

For the Flyers, Becks Cantin worked hard to hustle for every rebound, totalling twelve for the game. Heading into half time, Flyers trailed the Rockets by just three points. 

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The third quarter seemed to be where the Flyers really began hitting their stride, a sudden injection of energy meant the Flyers managed to hold the Rockets to only nine points while the Flyers took twenty four.

The Flyers were starting to play like they wanted to take the game home and even managed an impressive scoring run of eleven points. Bristol went on the attack with Zilbeti pushing the ball, Wallace scoring a few baskets from the fast break.

It was the Flyers’ defence that brought the momentum swinging their way and a couple of steals from Juul that she managed to turn into points really helped. The Flyers finished the third quarter in the lead by a whopping twelve points, the biggest point difference in the whole game.

The fourth quarter was where it all fell apart for the Flyers and after some rushed decisions and a total of thirty one turnovers in the game led to the Rockets pulling away and scoring thirty four points in the final quarter while the Flyers only managed eleven points.

Flyers didn’t have their heads in the game and Reading began the quarter looking like they were determined. The last five minutes saw the Rockets take the lead and then proceed to punish the Flyers for a lack of concentration and determination with a scoring run of ten points to end the game. Even with the Flyers scoring 63% from the field, it was the high number of turnovers that cost them the game and take a loss of eleven points.

"It's very disappointing - all games are crucial and mentally we didn’t perform,” Head coach Gareth Till told bristol

"We talked about coming back prepared after the break and simply that hasn’t happened.

"Credit to Reading who showed a lot more control and desire. We have to regroup and focus on our performances to give us any chance of success this season."