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Erin Hunter


Posted Tuesday, December 5th 2017

Report: Oxford Brookes 68-72 Bristol Flyers Women

Bristol Flyers Women travelled to Oxford Brookes, for a fiery, nail biter of a game in which Flyers came out on top.

The determination from the Flyers to continue their string of wins was demonstrated by Fiona Fox giving the team a passionate team talk to fire up the girls before they take on Oxford Brookes.

What Happened

The tip was secured by Oxford but it was Flyers who kicked off the scoring with a three pointer from Liisa Juul. However, the momentum went swinging Oxford’s way with them scoring 14 points in the first five minutes whilst holding the Flyers to three points.

Flyers managed to get back into gear with points coming from free throws taken by Mai Zilbeti, followed by a three-pointer. Flyers clawed the points back to end the first quarter trailing by a single point, 18-19. The score remained close for the rest of the game.

The first points of the second quarter were taken by Oxford’s Fellerdale, who scored a quick two, followed by a paid of free throws. For the Flyers, scoring came from three pointers by Zilbeti and Sandra Yebridi to keep the Flyers within reach of Oxford who maintained their lead to end the quarter 36-32.

The Flyers kick started the second half with a three pointer from Zilbeti and a basket from Wallace to close the gap to a single point. However, the second half was riddled with fouls from the Flyers, which helped Oxford maintain control of the game.

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The final quarter brought excitement and passion from both teams with both suffering some hard hits, including one that sent Zilbeti to the bench with an injury. However, after a fire fuelled few minutes, Zilbeti returned to the court to make sure the game was brought safely home with the Flyers.

After trailing Oxford for the entire game, Flyers took the lead midway through the final period with an 11-0 run to build an eight point lead. Oxford had the Flyers on the edge of their seats with a shot from Montanes and free throws from Walton to close the gap to only one point as the Flyers managed to hold on with Zilbeti sealing the win with two free throws, ending the game with 72-68.

After a game filled with passion and determination from both sides, it was the Flyers who were able to maintain enough resolve to secure the win and climb above Oxford Brookes in the table. 

“It was a good result to get and puts us in a good position going forward,” said women’s captain, Fiona Fox.

“There’s still a lot for us to learn and some areas that we can definitely improve on, but today we showed a lot of heart as a team, which is what we have to do if we’re going to win this league.”

Fiona Fox

Report by Erin Hunter.
Image Credit: Billy East Photography

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