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Report: Flyers U14s I 64-27 Flyers U14s II

On Saturday, January 23rd, Bristol Flyers U14 II and U14 I faced off against each other at the SGS WISE arena.

Coach Cormac O’Callaghan chose the starting 5 of Carey, Millman, Strover, West and Woodward.

The squad knew that this would be a tough game and this was plain to see from the start with the U14 I going on a 6-0 run right from the start. Despite Alex Carey persistently driving to the basket on numerous occasions the quarter ended 25-4 to the U14s II.

The U14s II allowed the height and strength of their opposition to dominate in the second and third quarters, defence was poor and they were not running the motion offence correctly. This enabled U14s I to build up a considerable lead.

The team however refused to let their heads drop and after a morale lifting team talk from Coach O’Callaghan the squad pushed on to try and win the final quarter.

With a renewed determination and increased communication the team continued to press, playing better fundamental basketball. Although they were unable to close the gap and win the game, they managed to win the final quarter 14-6 which is a testament to their resolve.

The game finished with a final score of 64-27 to U14 I.

There are many lessons to be learnt from this performance, the whole squad now know that at this level they cannot afford time to settle into a game and will hopefully hit the ground running at their next fixture.

Game report by Nathan Symons.