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Report: Bristol Flyers Women 62-36 Bristol Storm

Bristol Flyers’ Women picked up their first win of the season against local rivals Bristol Storm on Saturday afternoon.

A Storm gathered Saturday at the WISE Arena, but it was the Flyers who made it rain.

The home team got off to the best possible start. A great rebounding and stealing effort from Clark, Till scoring big in the paint and Juul dead-on from the three-point line gave the team an outstanding 23-3 lead at the end of the first quarter.

The Storm chanted “DEFENCE” in the team huddle prior to beginning the second quarter, which proved to be foreboding. There was an all-round bigger defensive effort in the period, resulting in a lot of missed shots, intercepted passes and attempts from outside the arc falling short of the basket. 

The opposition scored their first points in ten minutes of regulation with a corner three, and they went on to score twelve more while limiting the Flyers’ scoring chances to a handful of layups and free-throws. Despite the defensive crackdown, the Flyers still ended the half with an 18-point lead.

The second half proved to be quicker than the first, with possession shared evenly between the teams. Storm got the second half scoring under way with a three from O’Malley, who tried to force the issue on offence and bring her team back in it.

An excellent all-around effort from Juul on both ends of the court and a six-point streak from Fox kept the Flyers up as they tried to contain Kheing on the Storm, who made every effort to protect the basket and her constant shooting attempts proved troublesome for the home defence.

The fourth quarter opened with one of the plays of the game: Golik and Sittel double-teaming a solitary defender, passing back and forth with Sittel eventually making a layup off Golik’s feed.

It seemed the Flyers had regained the confidence they showed in the first quarter, as they handled the ball more successfully and didn’t let their opposition intimidate them. The stylish opening move was followed by another later on, when an inbound Flyers’ ball was followed by six perfect passes, culminating in a nice layup in traffic by Hannah Watkins.

Despite nine points in the fourth from Storm captain Zibleti, the Flyers were in control for the remainder of the game. An off-the-glass three from Juul – bringing her total to 18 points along with four rebounds, two assists and two steals – and a field goal from Kemp closed out the game. An impressive, dominant performance for the Flyers to mark their first win of the season.

The team’s head coach Gareth Till praised his players on a thoroughly deserved win.

“We put in a lot of hard work and focus and it paid off with a good result,” he told

“It was a big team effort, everyone played their all - we were a lot more composed on offence and not rushed.

“We’re very pleased to get our first win of the season, especially at home and against our local rivals. It’s a big confidence boost and now we have to keep that momentum going.”

The next game for Flyers Women will be away to Exeter Eagles on Saturday, December 3rd.

Report by Jack Ford.

Image by Billy East Photography.