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Report: Bristol Flyers U14s II 51-46 Stroud Sharks

Flyers travelled to Stonehouse this weekend to play Stroud Sharks and Cardiff Archers I, their first games for a month.

The first game against Cardiff Archers was a tough one. In the first quarter the Flyers defence was poor and Cardiff managed to score some easy baskets. As the game progressed the defence improved and the Flyers took the lead.

In the fourth quarter Cardiff Archers came on with four players due to an injury and another player being fouled out. They did not want to bring in the fouled out player as they would have forfeited the game.

Cardiff came out fighting with a nothing to lose attitude confusing the Flyers who were giving away easy baskets. Cardiff’s determination to succeed saw them close the scoring gap and they managed to steal the win by just one point 33 - 32.

The team were disappointed with the score but this fired them up for the next game. Top scorers were Ewan Strover 13, Alex Carey with eight and Joe Matthews with four.

Next up were Stroud Sharks, from the start the Flyers were playing excellent offence and strong defence. They continued to play with confidence until the fourth quarter when tiredness and a lack of communication allowed Stroud to bring it back to an eight point game.

With two minutes left in the final quarter Stroud called a time out, Stroud came back out strongly but despite heavy pressure Flyers managed to maintain the lead finishing the game 51–46. Top scorers were Ewan Strover and Louie West both with 12, Alex Carey with ten.

Game report by Joseph Britton