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Report: Bristol Flyers 81-73 Worcester Wolves

Bristol Flyers extended their win streak to six games, as they secured yet another home win, beating the visiting Worcester Wolves 81-73.

Bristol turned away a thunderous Wolves fourth quarter comeback attempt. Aaron Cosby leading Flyers off the bench, scoring 26 points in 28 minutes for the Flyers win. 

What Happened

Flyers opened the game on a great defensive possession, trapping the Wolves, resulting in a forced shot rejected by Brandon Boggs. Flyers failed to convert on the next possession and the visitors punished Bristol with Maurice Walker driving in for a lay-up. Flyers countered with eight unanswered points, a Mike Vigor two-pointer, a three-pointer courtesy of Greg Streete and an And-1 by Leslee Smith.

Worcester struggled to find the basket going 5-16 in the opening period. Flyers built on their lead behind a driven Smith, on his way to ten first quarter points on 65% shooting. But just as Bristol were poised to pull away, Worcester stopped the bleeding, skipping the ball around the perimeter to find Marek Klassen from behind the arc.

As the Wolves threatened to cut into Flyers' advantage, Streete scored on a coast-to-coast fingeroll and Smith sealed his man in the post for a short two-pointer. Flyers regained control towards the second 22-17.

Within a minute of the second quarter, Streete had found the same opening as before and ran the court for another finger roll. Worcester kept looking for more options offensively but couldn't buy a bucket, missing open jump-shots and seeing lay-ups roll off the rim.

Smith For The Lay Up - Trevor Setty watches on as Leslee Smith gets the lay-up on his way to 19 points.

The visitors went almost three minutes without a score, as they attacked the Bristol basket on two straight possessions but came up empty. Flyers pushed their lead to double digits with an Aaron Cosby three-pointer. Looking to build momentum, Wolves scored early in the shot clock. Bristol responded with Hameed Ali dribbling straight into the heart of the Wolves' defence drawing a foul and converting on an And-1.

Flyers had been firing on all cylinders for most of the half until Wolves forced multiple turnovers and pushed the ball. The visitors scored nine unanswered points highlighted by Danny Huffor finishing on the break with a one-handed dunk. Wolves' run took a chunk out of the Flyers' cushion.

In an uncharacteristic blunder, Boggs blew a dunk attempt and then switched off on defence, allowing Worcester's Trevor Setty an open lay-up. At the end of the first half, Flyers saw their once 16-point lead shrink to seven as the scoreboard read 39-32.

Worcester continued their defensive pressure but Smith took advantage of this, drawing contact on a drive to the hoop and scoring both free-throws. Wolves reacted on the next possession by taking a step back defensively, Smith cleverly read the defence and let it fly from three point land. Worcester kept working hard defensively, but Ali patiently backed his man down for a step back jumper. Splash, and the lead was back to double digits.

Wolves charged back on offence looking for a much needed score. Worcester's Andrew Bachman rose up for a short jump shot but it was swatted out of the air by Smith, which gave way to a run out and another converted three-point play by Ali. Bristol had regained their advantage securing a 19-point lead. Though the visitors would reduce it to 16 points before the break, scoring a free-throw and Alex Navajas' sinking an impressive up and under lay-up.

Flyers' blistering offence followed into the fourth, as Cosby banked yet another Bristol three-pointer. Though Wolves had the home team on their heels forcing Flyers into three early fouls. Bristol's defence was shackled by foul trouble and Worcester took full advantage. Worcester started chipping away at Flyers' precious lead, stopping the clock and scoring points at the line.

Wolves then started to score with regularity at the Flyers' basket, clawing their way back into the game. The visitors drew two more fouls putting Bristol in the penalty for the majority of the final period.

With Flyers unable to defend effectively, Wolves fed on the Bristol defence behind eight straight points by Huffor. Worcester had closed the gap and Bristol's lead had dwindled to just four points after Wolves' ferocious fourth quarter push. Cosby on his way to 26 points off the bench, was put to the line in the final 30 seconds of the game and scored two clutch free-throws to close the door on the visitors' comeback. Flyers held on for the win beating the Wolves 81-73.

Key Moment

For almost the entire first half Flyers were dominant, at one point boasting a 16-point lead. Though just before the half, Worcester made a charge to bring them back into the game. Bristol answered with a 16-6 run at the start of the third, a stretch that saw three converted And-1's by the home side from Ali and Cosby respectively. This vital portion of the quarter reasserted the Bristol dominance.

Photo Of The Game

On Their Feet - The WISE crowd salute another Flyers win

Total Produce Player Of The Game - Aaron Cosby

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Game Leaders

Points - Cosby, 26
Rebounds - Walker, 12
Assists - Ali, 6
Blocks - Smith, 3


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