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Erin Hunter


Posted Monday, January 22nd 2018

Report: Barking Abbey 44-51 Bristol Flyers

After a slow start to the game, Bristol Flyers women pulled together to pick up a win away at Barking Abbey.


The game tipped off with the Flyers gaining possession but couldn’t convert into points. Barking Abbey secured the first points of the game with two points to Bidal. The Flyers kicked back with the next two points going to Fox. It was from this point that the Flyers struggled to find rhythm, with Barking coming out on top at the end of the first quarter, 11-15.

The second period proved no better for the Flyers, as Barking started off with two free-throws from Adeyinka followed by two points from Spinks. Flyers responded with a run of five points coming from six free throws and a basket from Wallace, but it would seem the Flyers just gave themselves too much work to do, as Barking finished the half on top by seven.

At half-time the Flyers took a moment to come together, re-evaluate and decide that playing the game the Flyers way would bring the momentum swinging back in their favour.  This would appear to be true as the Flyers held Barking to a mere four points as the girls took nineteen.

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Zilbeti started the scoring for Flyers with two points that she quickly followed with two free throws. Till followed suit with another two and then a convincing three from Juul. Scores from both Cantin and Fox would mark the end of a thirteen point run from the Flyers, paused only for the score of one free throw from Barking’s Charles. The Flyers scored six more points before the end of the quarter from Wallace, Cantina and Juul.

The last period was about playing smart, simple basketball and ensuring the win was coming home to Bristol. Barking fought back four points in an attempt to close the gap. The Flyers extended that back with four points of their own from Fox and Wallace. Abbey would take the last two baskets of the game but were unable to chase down the Flyers who finished the game 51-44.

“I’m glad we’ve got the win but we need to improve as a team to fix the mistakes we made and avoid starting the game the way we did,” Fiona Fox told

“We gave ourselves a lot of work to do in the second half so we need to address those mistakes and keep improving in order to hold our place in the league.”

Fiona Fox

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