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Flyers Introduce New Wheelchair Seating Area

Bristol Flyers have created a new seating area for wheelchair users at the SGS WISE Arena.

Following recent feedback, the club was made aware that whilst there was already an offering in place, viewing was restricted in certain scenarios.

As a result, a decision to relocate wheelchair users and carers has been met with a very positive response from Flyers supporter and Bristol City season card holder, Dave Featherstone.

"The experience of watching a Flyers game as a carer with a wheelchair user has been hassle free, and really enjoyable,” he told

"First off, there are plenty of wheelchair parking bays. You always worry about turning up to events and not being able to park.

“The new position is excellent - You couldn't really get much closer to the action without sitting with Coach Kapoulas and the players!"

"All in all, the Flyers is a very enjoyable night out. It feels like a typical American sports event and being a carer with a wheelchair user, the experience isn't lessened at all.

"In fact I'd say it is improved from the initial care taken on arrival, to the excellent seating position during the game."

Bristol Flyers' business development manager Steve Devereux added: “As soon as we received the feedback we wanted to make the necessary improvements immediately."

“After liaising with first team manager Mike Edkins, the decision was taken to create a dedicated area in a premium location. This was in place by the following game and will remain in place going forward.

“As always we appreciate feedback from fans and whilst not perfect, will work as hard as possible to make our home games as enjoyable as possible for everyone in attendance."

For more information, please contact a member of our supporter services team on 0117 963 0600.