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Aaron Eamer


Posted Monday, October 21st 2019

Five things we learned from Flyers v Lions

Bristol Flyers toppled BBL Cup holders London Lions in front of a pack house at the SGS College Arena on Saturday night.

Club statistician Aaron Eamer picks out five key talking points from the hard-fought win,



Offensive rebounding is something I’ve always pushed as being a huge game-changer and the Flyers are building a culture recently where they’re able to grab them at a very good rate.

In the first quarter alone, the home side pulled-in six offensive rebounds and were able to score ten points off of those second chances. The Flyers headed in at the end of that quarter up by ten points too so they were vital in setting the tone for the game ahead.

But it wasn’t just in the first quarter that this was successful, ultimately finishing with 24 second chances points off of 16 offensive rebounds. London in comparison finished with just 11 points from their rebounds on the offensive end.


One area the Flyers struggled was in handling the ball - 21 turnovers gave the Lions chance after chance to get back into the game, but they weren’t able to, scoring just eight points from those 21 turnovers. In short, from those 21 times the home-side gave the ball away, the Lions were able to put the ball in the basket no more than four times.

Seven turnovers in the third quarter was a game-high, but London’s scoring stayed consistent as they averaged 23.5 points per quarter and scored 23 in the third. 


The Flyers struggled a little in the third, posting their lowest scoring quarter of the game, including just six points in the opening five minutes. Fortunately for the Flyers, where they may have briefly taken their foot off the gas, Raphell Thomas-Edwards did not.

The forward scored 10 of his 18 points in the third, also adding five rebounds to keep the Flyers’ momentum. Thomas-Edwards though would also foul out of the game by the end of the third and would need to watch his teammates close the game without him.


Throughout the first three periods, the Flyers added just 11 points on the fast break, but in the fourth they stepped up, pushing a struggling Lions side.

Bristol went on to score 10 points on the break in the final period. It certainly looked like tiredness came into play based on the numbers.


In the fourth quarter, London sent the Flyers to the free throw line 11 times, when in the rest of the game combined, they only had six. Eight of the 11 free throws in the fourth quarter were made and 5/6 in the rest of the game.

On the other end of the court, the Flyers were much more disciplined in the fourth, giving up just two foul shots to the Lions. This ensured London had to find good shots to take over the game rather than rely on Bristol mistakes. But once again, the defence ensured that didn’t happen.

About the contributor

A passionate fan of basketball since 2004, Aaron briefly played at SGS (then Filton College) under Head Coach Andreas Kapoulas.

Fast forward a number of years, Aaron now contributes to recording the statistics for the Flyers home games as a club Statistician, you’ll often find him sat at the table courtside taking stats into his laptop at every home game.

Do you agree with Aaron? Follow him on Twitter @eamer and let him know what you think!