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Aaron Eamer


Posted Monday, February 19th 2018

Analysis » By the numbers - Wolves @ Flyers

Bristol Flyers club statistician, Aaron Eamer takes an in-depth look at the key stats from Saturday's eight point victory against Worcester Wolves at the WISE Arena.

The Bristol Flyers continued their good form at the WISE Arena this weekend against the Worcester Wolves, taking a third home win in a row.



The first quarter was a close one with the Flyers taking a two-point deficit into the second. Where was the key area the Flyers fell short? Well, I’ll give you three.

Firstly, the Flyers put up brick after brick from three-point range, missing on six out of seven attempts. The solitary three that dropped was from Panos Mayindombe, in what were ultimately his only points of the game. As well as the poor three-point shooting, the Flyers missed both of their free throws and were out-rebounded 7-13.

Taking all of the above into account, how did the Flyers manage to stay in the game? Fortunately, the Wolves turned the ball over six times in the quarter. With the Wolves giving up six possessions on which they could have scored, the home side managed to turn those extra shots into four points in the period. Without those turnovers, the Flyers are down by six, plus however many Worcester would have scored from those six extra offensive possessions. 

Flyers made just one three-pointer in the opening period.


In the second quarter the Flyers turned the game on its head. The Flyers shot 11 of 18 for the period whilst Worcester were only able to make five of their attempts. Not only did the Flyers make 11 in the quarter but ten of them were assisted as Bristol moved the ball around nicely. 

Of the 11 made shots in the period, Adam Weary made five of them, missing just the a single field goal on his was to 13 points for the second quarter alone. The Flyers bench had now contributed 24 points to their half-time total of 45, this in contrast to Worcester’s nine bench points. Unfortunately for Worcester, due to injuries, they were forced to play a six-man rotation with Brandon Parrish the only man to come off the bench.

Bristol headed into the locker room with a 45-39 lead and it could have been even better for the home side if not for the Wolves being active in getting to the line nine times, converting eight.


Jordan Davis finished with 11 points, ten assists and just one turnover.


Into the second half and the two sides each had a standout player in the first ten minutes. Michael Ojo of the Wolves and Bristol’s Rohndell Goodwin just kept on scoring for their respective sides. Goodwin made half of the Flyers' field goals for the quarter, going 4/5 in the period, adding ten points. Ojo though kept Worcester in the game, making every shot he took, including three makes from behind-the-arc.

The quarter was one where both teams just kept on trading baskets, the Flyers though never gave up their lead and headed into the final quarter still holding the same six-point advantage. 66-60.

Strangely for the Flyers, only two starters for the home-side finished the quarter with a positive +/- rating*. Mike Vigor held a +6 in less than ten minutes of play (foul trouble) but leading the way for the Flyers, Jordan Davis had an impressive +11. Davis’ ten assists were obviously the biggest game changer alongside the bench combo of Weary and Edozie,whose cumulative points total was now at 25.

Down the home stretch both team’s shooting efforts dropped to 30% for the final quarter. The Flyers though added most of their points early in the final period, giving Worcester an 80-65 deficit to overturn with only five minutes to play. 

Adam Weary scored a team-high 17 points from the bench

The Worcester defence stepped up, with Bristol only able to score two points in the final five minutes. Unfortunately for the Wolves, their offence couldn’t get going and although Michael Ojo made another two threes, making only four shots for the quarter as a team wouldn’t be enough to overturn the commanding Bristol lead.

The Flyers deservedly took the eight point win as Jordan Davis and Brandon Boggs grabbed double-doubles and four more scored in double figures in what was a solid team performance.

By the time the final buzzer went the Wolves had turned the ball over 18 times. These turnovers lead to 18 Bristol points, whereas the Wolves were only able to score nine from Bristol’s 11 turnovers. Both sides scored at a similar rate from the forced extra possessions, but Bristol’s handling of the ball was evidently a lot better on the night and gave Worcester too little an opportunity to get back into the game.

Home win streak now at three. Bristol 82, Worcester 74.

* +/- is a stat that shows how much better/worse the team is scoring whilst that player is on the court. If a player is in positive values the team is outscoring the opposition whilst he is on court. If a player has a negative value then the team is doing the opposite and conceding more than they are scoring whilst that player is active.

About the contributor

A passionate fan of basketball since 2004, Aaron briefly played at SGS (then Filton College) under Head Coach Andreas Kapoulas.

Fast forward a number of years, Aaron now contributes to recording the statistics for the Flyers home games as a club Statistician, you’ll often find him sat at the table courtside taking stats into his laptop at every home game.

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