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Aaron Eamer


Posted Monday, April 23rd 2018

Analysis » By the numbers - Wolves @ Flyers 21/04/18

Bristol Flyers club statistician, Aaron Eamer takes an in-depth look at the numbers from Saturday's two point victory against the Worcester Wolves.

The Flyers were able to confirm their playoff place on Saturday night against the Worcester Wolves, but what were the key factors in the win?



Bristol started off the game strong and was in a commanding position after the first quarter with a 15 point lead. The home side shot an impressive 50% from the field in the first period but that only told half the story of the early shooting efforts as although they missed 12 shot attempts, they were able to rebound seven of them. And of those seven second chance opportunities they were able to add nine extra points.

This meant that actually, rather than shooting 12/24 for 50% shooting, if the Flyers had just made the shots the first time around it would have been more like 12/20. Good for a shooting percentage of 60%. The Wolves in comparison struggled, making just four shots in the opening period, good for 27% shooting.

Bristol were also helped by the fact they shared the ball brilliantly early-on with 11 of their 13 scoring possessions being assisted, and Jordan Davis’ able to provide seven of them!


The Flyers were in the ascendancy until what can only be seen as tiredness caught them out heading into the second.

The tables flipped almost exactly in the second quarter as in the first the scoring was 29-14 in favour of the Flyers, with the second going the opposite way at 16-28.

In the opening period, the Flyers relied heavily on points in the paint with 18 of them but in the second strayed away from this and allowed the Wolves to use the same tactic instead as they registered 16. After shooting 0/3 in the first, Worcester’s leading scorer, George Beamon was able to shoot 100% in the second, adding ten points. Center, Dallin Bachynski was also able to add eight on 100% shooting as the two combined for more than the Flyers did in total.

The Flyers impressive assist numbers in the first dropped hugely as they only added three more. Bristol’s 50% shooting dropped to just 37% after a 5/22 effort and Worcester increased their 27% shooting to 43% after making 60% in the second – The same mark I stated the Flyers were making in the first when considering the offensive rebounding.

The two quarter almost mirrored one another heading into the half but the home side headed in at the half up by a single possession. 42-45.


The Flyers didn’t improve after the break as Worcester was able to take the lead for the first time in the game. Fortunately for the Flyers, Worcester’s Mike Ojo had already accumulated four fouls in the first half so he sat for the entire third quarter, ensuring four Wolves’ players played the entire period. Worcester’s short, seven-man rotation looks as if it meant their tiredness kept them from being as attacking as they might want.

The Wolves were able to take command of the game with how effective they were at getting to the foul line. The away side made it to the line 13 times in the period alone, making ten of their 23 third quarter points from free opportunities. George Beamon once again led the way, making 100% of his five opportunities.

Leslee Smith’s struggles came to a more obvious light in the second half as along with him not scoring since the first quarter, now shooting 3/13, the forward turned the ball over three times in the period. With the Flyers only giving up the ball four times in total, much of the seven points from turnovers the Wolves scored were covered by Smith’s mishandling of the ball.

And it was Bachynski and Beamon once again who did the damage. 

The pair each added nine points in the third period, again together totalling more than Bristol’s could as a whole (15).

Things weren’t looking great heading into the fourth with Worcester up by five.


In the final quarter the Flyers were able to get back to what was working for them early-on. Points in the paint.

Bristol was able to add 12 of their 20 points in the fourth quarter from inside the paint and with Brandon Boggs ensuring he didn’t miss a shot for the entire period, his nine points were huge to get Bristol back in contention.

Where Bristol lacked a huge amount of discipline in the third with giving up 13 free throws, in the fourth quarter they played against the Worcester offence perfectly. The Flyers didn’t give up a single free throw in the final period ensuring that Worcester would need to find another way. Ultimately the Wolves shot just 33.3% in the second half and were relying on this to help push them forwards.

But the biggest factor in Bristol being able to finally re-take the lead might just have been Dallin Bachynski fouling out of the game. The big-man logged 19 points, 12 rebounds and 2 blocks for the night but was only on the court for 06:47 of the final period.

This is significant as it left 03:13 with Worcester missing their rim-protector and Bristol only managed to regain the lead with around 48 seconds left on the clock.

In the final five minutes of the game, Bristol outscored Worcester 13-3 and without Bachynski at both ends following his fouling out the Flyers were able to take advantage, confirming their play-off position and taking the head-to-head.

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Fast forward a number of years, Aaron now contributes to recording the statistics for the Flyers home games as a club Statistician, you’ll often find him sat at the table courtside taking stats into his laptop at every home game.

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