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Our People

Every organisation is the sum total of the qualities of its people and that’s no different here at Bristol Flyers Community. We are proud that our team all share a love of sport and a genuine desire to bring about positive change to the communities of Greater Bristol. 

We care about our communities and the people who live within them and we endeavour to use our enthusiasm and dedication, with a bit of Bristol Flyers magic sprinkled on top, to engage and inspire as many people as we are able to.

"It’s fantastic to work with the Flyers community. I started as a volunteer on Saturday morning sessions almost 10 years ago. It’s not just the success stories that keep me going, I enjoy all the interactions with the players, coaches, parents and all the Flyers Family.
I’ve been inspired, made lifelong friends and get to give back to the young people of Bristol. I hope that I have, in turn, inspired the next generation of talent to reach their own potential." - Rodney Gear, Community Basketball Coach
Rodney Gear, Community Basketball Coach

Meet the team that make up the Bristol Flyers Community below: